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A Shiny New Split

Unfortunately, I'm lazy. So I Just Deleted Every Thing Instead

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For starters if you've read this previously, I'm very very sorry. Seventh grade me who started this thing was such a let down. I mean I depressed myself back then. I've now decided that happy is better than depressed. {Which of course has the unfortunate problem that I quite frequently find myself under the thumb of Darkness Induced Audience Apathy.}

I actively enjoy writing and drawing. Granted my specialty seems to be Slash even when ridiculously out of place such as in a Victorian Drama is what I'm writing. But hey I haven't killed any one with it yet. {Mostly coz I've never let my Grandmother read my things.}

I'm a little bit overly fond of Top Gear and Doctor Who and it's spinoffs which generally has the unfortunate result of me altering my accent at odd moments. I swear I'm not British {well not for the last hundred or so years}, I just talk -well write this is Live Journal after all not a phone- that way.


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